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Causes of Neuropathy in Feet

There are nerve endings(part of the peripheral nervous system)leading from your brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) that take messages to and from your feet. When these nerves suffer damage from degeneration, the interruption of vital messages to and from your feet can occur.

Damage to peripheral nerves that lead to the feet can cause those who suffer from neuropathy in their feet to experience burning and tingling sensations in their feet. These sensations can become quite painful and at times unbearable. Some diseases (like diabetes) make people more prone to problems with peripheral neuropathy. In other instances, the peripheral neuropathy is related to outside assailants, such as toxic substances, that are capable of lessening the oxygen levels in your body.

Check Your Feet

Prevention of Neuropathy in Feet

The best way to prevent neruopathy in your feet is to be aware of the potential causes (diabetes, toxins, medications) and do your best to steer clear of these situations. However, this is not always possible, but even if you already have diabetes or have been exposed to dangerous toxins, you can still help decrease the amount of damage you suffer by keeping a close check on your feet and by reporting any troubling symptoms (like burning, tingling, or numbness) to your physician.

Treatment of and Living With Neuropathy in Feet

Your doctor can prescribe pain killers and other kinds of treatment for neuropathy in your feet. Make sure to stop smoking and eliminate any others sources that will drain your body of it's oxygen supply. Keep regularly scheduled doctor's appointments to monitor your blood sugar levels and oxygen levels through simple blood tests.

Medication can be used to treat some cases of neuropathy in feet. Some people have had results in ridding themselves of the symptoms of neuropathy by taking anti-depressant drugs or drugs used to treat seizures. How these two classes of drugs work in treating neuropathy is still a mystery, but they have been known to help. Remember that using these types of drugs will mean the results will take a few weeks or more. However, being able to look forward to a lessening in the symptoms of neuropathy will help you to think positively during treatment.

Changing seasons can cause more problems those who are suffering from neuropathy in the feet. When the nerves to the feet are damaged, the feet may also be numb to hot and cold sensations. Many people have suffered frostbite or burns because they are unable to feel cold or heat.